Common questions about our VPS and dedicated server hosting

Do you have any discount if I pay more then 1 month ahead?

Yes absolutely!

Depending on how many month you pay in advance the % of discount look like this:
3 month/ 5% discount
6 month/ 7% discount
12 month/ 10% discount
24 month/ 20% discount

The discount will be applied when you choose the billing cycle.

What are the advantages of Thailand dedicated server hosting?

The advantages dedicated hosting are important factors to consider when searching out your hosting plan. To help with your decision, APlusHosting has put together a list of some of the main advantages of dedicated hosting.

Server Resources

The server’s resources are fully dedicated to your website/project. This means that the dedicated server’s CPU and RAM are not shared with other websites which ensures that your site can’t be slowed down by bad scripts or excessive bandwidth usage by other websites, which is possible on a shared server.

Ultimately, this provides enhanced performance for your website users in terms of load speed, which gives your site the ability to handle many more visitors without the speed being significantly impacted. This is an important advantage for websites which receive or expect to receive high traffic volumes.


One big benefit of dedicated hosting is that you have control over the server configuration with regards to disk space, RAM and CPU usage as well as software. With shared hosting you are limited to the software and the restrictions imposed by the hosting company.

Equipment maintenance

Using dedicated servers allows companies to focus on their core business and not be concerned about maintaining a server themselves.

Although dedicated hosting in Asia Thailand is more expensive overall than VPS hosting, AplusHosting handles the cost of building and maintaining server equipment which, in effect, reduces the company overheads as compared to a business maintaining its own servers.

What are the advantages of Thailand VPS hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting can be seen as the steppingstone for businesses that have outgrown their shared hosting server but don’t quite need or are not quite ready for a full dedicated server.

Aplus VPS hosting service provide this intermediate solution, the advantage of which is significant cost savings as compared to a dedicated server, while still having a lot of the functionality of a dedicated server.

The advantages of VPS hosting in Thailand, over shared hosting, include greater security, flexibility and resource allocation.

What is the difference between shared and VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is almost the same as dedicated server hosting. You are provisioned on a special server that are used only for Virtual Private Servers, with your own OS (operating system) more dedicated power and memory, that simulates a dedicated server.

You will though share your VPS with other VPS users, but the server who control VPS containers are most often extremely powerful (as AplusHosting VPS server is) and simulate through software a real dedicated servers behavior like CPU RAM and access communication.

You are given your own private space on a virtual server to run your website or software from, with the ability to use more bandwidth and to have more heavy demanding applications and/or visitors without a drop-off in performance.

Should I avoid using shared hosting?

No. The majority of small to medium sized businesses do not need more than shared hosting. Shared hosting is affordable, cost-effective, easy to get ready for your business and usually requires little technical expertise on your end. They can often be easily adapted for things like WordPress, too, making it perfect for those with little time and ability.

Shared hosting is not the perfect choice for those who already have a big customer base will make their website usage more dedicated. It is easy to use, but it does have some limits. For one, you are not in control of the whole server, this means that server space and bandwidth is limited. You cannot adjust or improve your server, and it means that you may need to migrate if you soon outgrow the shared space that you are using. So, these are important things to consider.

Shared hosting is most commonly aimed at those who wish to get their website started. As you grow in size and reputation, traffic demands might mean that you have to move to a more robust hosting option. If this is your first time managing a website, though, shared hosting is often the best place to start for affordability and ease of setup.

What does SSD mean?

SSD stands for Solid-State Drive. SSD is the latest technology in data storage, replacing the well-known hard disk drive (HDD).  SSD does not have the mechanical moving parts as found in a HDD which results in much faster access to data. The end result is a fast-performing VPS/Dedicated server with reduced downtime.

The dedicated servers provided by Aplus Hosting utilize only solid-state drives, and so does the provisioning of our blazing-fast solid-state drives on the VPS hosting plans.

What is KVM

KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. This is an open source virtualization module in the Linux kernel that allows the kernel to function as a hypervisor, which leverages the features of the Linux kernel and the supporting hardware.

Aplus hosting uses Promox VE with support for KVM full virtualization for Windows and Linux images.

If you need specific Operating System on a VPS KVM in Thailand, please contact us.

Why is Aplus Hosting a great Thailand dedicated server and VPS host?

Aplus Hosting provides you with an impressive list of services which we’ll come to in a moment, but more importantly, over and above the powerful infrastructure, the people that drive this Thailand hosting business is what makes the ultimate difference.

Aplus Hosting doesn’t strive to be the biggest, busiest hosting company in Thailand Asia. We strive to provide a great user experience, with customer service 24/7/365 support by people who are just as passionate about your business as you are.

We want our customers to succeed and we measure our success by great response rates, server uptime, sticking to our guarantees and exceeding customers’ expectations. When you are happy, we are happy and so we offer customized solutions and encourage you to contact us and experience our great service offering first-hand.

And that list of services we mentioned earlier include, but are not limited to:

  • Immediate Scalability
  • VPS provisioning within minutes
  • High-performance SSD hosting
  • Multi-layered system security
  • Wide selection of Linux distributions
  • Powerful resources
  • Bangkok based data center