How to choose the best Dedicated Server

How to choose the best Dedicated Server

Most of us initially chose to start a project with a Web Hosting plan that may be sufficient for our expectations. You don’t always need a lot of power, traffic, disk space or RAM. However, when a project is successful, we usually have to start looking for something better.

For many, thinking of a dedicated server is something to advanced and some believe they are only used by bank-institutions, government or large corporations, mostly because of the security control they provide, this is surely not so.
Those who have spent more time in the world of Web sites and platforms, know that most of the time it is justified to opt for a dedicated server instead of a shared Web Hosting account. Let’s see why it is preferable to invest in a dedicated server, even if the site is relatively small and does not intend to obtain a large traffic of data and visits:

  • Tailored configuration
  • Installing apps and scripts on your own, without restrictions
  • Absolute control over server security (and your website)
  • Own IP that will avoid being blocked because of third parties
  • Operating System Selection (OS)
  • No limitations on E-Mail, FTP accounts, etc.
  • No limitations in terms of the number of domains and sites to create within it
  • Access to logs of all kinds that will allow you to see who and how they are using your services
  • Large amount of Web space, with option to add hard drives as needed
  • All available bandwidth for your server
  • SEO substantive improvement by not sharing IP
  • Real RAM available, can be expanded if needed
  • Possibility to add more IP addresses
  • Hardware warranty, the supplier will replace it at no cost in case of failures

There are ranges of dedicated servers with different price and quality. There are cheap dedicated servers in Thailand / Asia and others not so much. The price of them, although it can be a serious factor in deciding which one is better, sometimes can deceive us.


Let’s see what elements you should consider when choosing the best Dedicated Server:

Unmanaged or Managed
If you are just beginning in the world of Dedicated Servers, it is very likely that you are afraid even for the aspects of preparation, configuration, management and maintenance that they require. There are few cases of those who are in need of hiring a dedicated server but do not have the knowledge or time to manage it.

That factor is usually the biggest obstacle to deciding on these machines. In this case you should look for a company that offers managed servers. Not all offer it, but in summary it is an additional service that you hire so that the company takes care of the configuration and everything related to the technical and security aspects so that you only take control over your website (s) through a friendly control panel.

If, on the other hand, you have enough knowledge, or have someone to carry out that task, it is recommended that you choose a dedicated unmanaged or self-managed server. The advantage of these is that you will take complete control of all server management without waiting times if your immediate intervention is required in case of a problem, DoS attack, etc.

Server Resources
The prices of dedicated servers will undoubtedly always be higher than those of shared Web Hosting. For this reason, you should make a review and / or projection of the traffic and disk space you will need, as well as the RAM and processor necessary to ensure that the machine you hire meets the minimum that it must perform so that your sites work efficiently.

Prices vary greatly depending on the capabilities of the server, so it is not advisable to spend much on their capabilities. But it is good to inform the provider about the possibilities and costs of performing an upgrade if you need it in the future due to the increase in traffic, processes, space requirements, etc.

Market and IP
Are you going to attend only the local market (your country)? Or if you target the international market too.

This question does have relevance when choosing your server. As we mentioned above, if your business focuses only on the market in your country, it is recommended that you look for a dedicated server with local IP, which will help the SEO positioning of the sites and improve performance in terms of response speed for visitors from your own country.

If your market also will include customers or visitors from other countries, the choice could be just the opposite and you should look for a data center that responds well from the countries that will visit your sites. In this case we recommend looking at datacenters in Asia for customers in and around Asia, which are the ones that respond best within that continent and to the rest of the world.

Check Supplier Quality
If you do not have direct references from the provider you are analyzing, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Check your quality of customer service. Send them a couple of questions before hiring. Evaluate the response time and the willingness shown to help or place your knowledge at your disposal.
  2. Let them communicate in your language. You may have a good command of English, German, French, etc. However, at the time of having technical difficulties there are many terms or problems that you will not know how to explain in a language different from yours, so we recommend hiring this type of service only with companies that can dialogue in your native language.
  3. Check your reputation. Today the Internet is a true bible of information. By searching for reviews about the hosting company you can find out if it will suit your or not.

Support Availability
Although the type of support you will receive will depend on the type of service contracted (Managed or Unmanaged), you must ensure that this is 24/7/365. That is, to answer the tickets or inquiries at any time you need them. The response time of support inquiries is essential to ensure the performance and operation of your server. Unfortunately, as long as you do not have the service, you will not know for sure how the quality of the support is going, even though they promise premium support on their website. But again, you can go to the opinions of other users by performing a search on the Internet.

The provider you are considering to be your “partner” Does it have physical and logical firewalls in the data center to protect you from attacks?
Once you find some suppliers that based on these points meet your expectations, you can then start comparing their prices and choose among those that suit you best for performance/price.