What type of hosting should I chose for my Blog?

What type of hosting should I chose for my Blog?

Ever since the advent of the internet, everything in the world has gone digital. The internet gives people a wide array of options when it comes to making money, one of the lucrative methods that have been widely used for this is blogs.

A well-written blog attracts a lot of traffic. This makes it an ideal place for advertisers to place their promotions in order to reach a wider audience. Placing ads on your blog does offer additional income. However, drawing traffic to your website depends on many more things other than the content of the blog.

You might have well-written material on your website, but without a snappy and well-designed website, it would be extremely hard to be ranked by search engines.

Different types of hosting available:

In order to get yourself a snappy website, you will need to choose the right hosting services, which depends a lot on your expected traffic. In this article, we will help you choose the best hosting for your blog.

There are many types of hosting that you can choose for your blog. Picking a suitable choice depends solely on the incoming traffic to your website. You will need to explore from more expensive services if the traffic to your website is greater, while a lesser-priced offering would suffice for lower demands.


1. Shared Hosting- The most basic service offered to users. Here, your blog will be hosted on a server that is shared with other websites as well, so the resources available for your blog are also shared.

This is also the cheapest service offered and does not attract any maintenance charges, and best suits someone who has just started a new blog and is experimenting on various content. You will have control over the design of your website when you choose shared hosting. Once you gain sustained incoming traffic to your website, you can opt for a more capable hosting service.

With our web hosting packages you have the possibility to in an very easy user-friendly way install and use WordPress. WordPress is a gift to all non-technical bloggers, because it empowers even the ones without any knowledge about web development, to build their own professional looking website.

-Wordpress allows the website owner to use the framework to build webpages with ease. While this does allow you to have your own site, the level of control over how you design it, is limited, but with the numerous different wordpress-themes to chose from You will have the possibility to stand out. This is to be suitable for someone who just started and want to get their presence online as an excellent choice.


2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)- A brief explanation of VPS is, a virtualized private server that can be used solely to host your website. A VPS simulate the hardware of a dedicated server with software, and thus have more resources for you to utilize, making it a great asset to host several websites on a single server. As the resources are not shared in the same way as shared web hosting are, you are able to utilize the full capabilities of the virtualized hardware.

Cause of the entire virtualized server is used for your website, it handles very high traffic at the expense of a medium cost. Since these technologies can be solely used to host websites, you are assured of a great experience while hosting your blog.


3. Dedicated servers- This is the kind of hosting that is best suited for large websites that require a lot of resources. As your website is the only website that is utilizing the network, you will be able utilize the entire hardware to run just your website.

While handling very high traffic is done in a breeze, dedicated also gives its users the wide array of customizations that are available. Additionally, you will need to put in all the effort to install the various services needed for your website, making this suitable only for a small percentage of people.


Now that you know the various offerings of hosting services, you should be able to decide the right service for your website. If you are someone who has just started out, you might not see much traffic to your blog. So opting for shared web hosting with the possibility to install WordPress would be the right choice. Once you have gained a reputation, you can shift to more powerful services such as VPS or Dedicated server.