Why your business should have a page, not a Facebook profile.

Why your business should have a page, not a Facebook profile.

Understand why fanpage is the best way for your business.

Your aunt, your mother, your neighbor, your co-worker and your childhood best friend. Everyone is on Facebook. The most popular social network in the where more then 175 Million people login to Facebook everyday, according to information by Facebook itself.

Of course, companies are there too. The problem is that when it comes to the Facebook network, too much brand makes confusion.

Are you a friend or fan? Add or like? These are common dilemmas in the mind of a novice entrepreneur in the world of “feice”.

Keep Calm! We help you untie that knot. Understand the difference between profiles and pages, and why your store should have the last, not the first:

Pages and profile have different goals

Profiles are personal in character. They are designed for people to get in touch with all the tools that social networking offers with other people or businesses.

The pages, however, are for companies, organizations and celebrities to contact their customers or fans.

Including profiling for non-individuals is prohibited by Facebook rules. Non-compliance may cause account cancellation. And if that happens, you lose all posted content and contact with all clients / friends.

Profile has limited number of friends

Want to have a million friends? Five thousand. This is the maximum number of friends a profile can have. For an individual, let’s face it, that’s enough. But for a company. . .

Your intention is probably for your brand to reach the widest possible audience, right? Well For pages, the sky is the limit. The more fans the better!

Another advantage: being a fan is simpler than being a friend. No need to wait for confirmation of friendship. Just click “like” and you’re done. The Internet user is then already part of the store contacts.

Pages offer more customization features

Pages have personalization features that go beyond the cover image ,which is the case with profile. Here you can create tabs to split and organize company content.

One of the ways to use this feature, for example, is by creating a space for complaints, suggestions and questions where these topics can be sent directly through this tab and answered in the same space.

Pages offer metrics tools

One of the most interesting features the Facebook page makes available to businesses is Insights. This tool allows the user to follow the evolution of your page and have access to some strategic data.

You can find out which posts are most viewed, number of people reached, new likes in time, and level of engagement and page interaction.

Data can serve to both enhance your actions on the network, as well as to profile your customers’ key interests.

Pages allow advertising actions

Fan/Company pages allow the administrator to use paid features to increase the reach of publications. This is not possible In personal profiles, .

The network’s advertising service, Facebook Ads, can be a strategy for gaining new customers and increasing brand presence on the web.

Mark Zuckerberg has even recently admitted that the organic reach of posts is falling. To increase it, the way is to invest in ads. #It is for business.

After this read, it is easy to see that your store really needs a page and not a profile, right? Get to work, create your fanpage now!