Do I need to worry about the website load speed?

Do I need to worry about the website load speed?

Digital presence is mandatory for any company that aims to expand its business. In addition to marketing strategies to bring flow to your page, it is essential to worry about the speed of the website .
Did you know that Google takes the page load time into consideration to put you in the top positions of organic search results? If a site takes more than six seconds to load, it is considered slow.

In order to not lose the attention of visitors, the ideal loading time of a website is two to three seconds. Aside from that, your company runs a serious risk of losing a customer.
In order not to be outdone by competitors, it is best to think about website performance right from the start. Good planning can save time on page development and avoid wasting resources.

How to make a site faster?
The way the programming language will be used is very important. An interesting way to make the site more agile is to minify the code . A programming technique that removes unnecessary characters without changing page operations.
Uploading images to their original size is not recommended. You do not need a 5-megapixel image to be seen on a smartphone with 1/4 of this resolution. Therefore, compress the images before inserting into the site.
The server performance of your website hosting is crucial for the agile loading of your website. You need to know your application well to set the configuration needed for your site to be displayed quickly.

Performance Optimization Plugins for CMS
Sites that use CMS ( WordPress , Joomla , Magento , Moodle ) usually have cache plugins to download, among other Plugins, that optimize page performance.
For WordPress, two of the most used plugins is “Lite speed” and “W3 Total Cache” . In addition to using the browser cache, they are able to reduce database queries and compress files to make the site faster.

How to test and performance my site
You can check the actual performance of your site , both on desktop and mobile devices, with the Google PageSpeed tool .
PageSpeed ​​will analyze issues such as “First appearance with content”, “Speed ​​index”, “Time to stay interactive” and return a score, framing your application as slow, medium or fast.

Other tools that can check the performance of your site are Pingdom and Web Page Test .
Do not be alarmed if the server response time (TTFB) is below average. The tool analyzes various questions to show this result. One of the factors that can change this item is the number of accesses to the server at the time the test was done.
The most important item that should be noted is “First Display Content (FCP)” which needs to be less than three seconds.

The good thing when PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, is that it generates suggestions to make your page faster.

We suggest that you try PageSpeed out and work with your website from the result given.

How to create a good website

How to create a good website


There are several ways to establish a virtual presence of your company on the Internet. The most important thing is to have a website. However, in order to create a good website, in addition to entering the universe of web hosting, it is  important to pay attention to some points not to waste time or money.

First of all, you need to understand what a website is and how it can help you in your business.

The website is nothing more than a set of pages with texts, images, videos, graphics and other features that showcase your business and  let you be found in search engines  – allowing for increased sales and visibility for your business.

Having the internet with your website will allow:

  • Have your business available 24h.
  • Introduce you professionally in the market.
  • Ability to change content whenever and how you want.
  • Reach new markets and customers.
  • Speed ​​up your customer service and contact.

In addition to being synonymous with professionalism and credibility, a good website will create a dialogue channel and still be a way to market and sell products and services.

Get started to build a good website

The first steps to creating a good website are: Choose the right domain name for your company and register it.

It is important that you do the domain registration in your name. Some companies (or freelancers) usually register the domain for customers in their own name. Believe me, this can cause you a lot of headaches in the future.

So, when you do a website/domain registration on the internet, make sure it is registered in your name/company. Transferring ownership may otherwise be a problem. Especially if you no longer find who owns your domain.

The next step is to choose the best web hosting company for your business. This moment requires more in-depth research on what web hosting is and knowledge of your project so that it cannot be hidden in the company and what service the host of your site suits.

Top Page Types


The institutional website is the most common on the market. It is used by the companies to present the business, show products / services, staff, location and maintain contact with the customer.

Virtual Shop (E-commerce)

Also known as e-commerce  , it is a place for selling products and services. It is possible to complete a purchase with security and comfort not to leave home.


They are pages for spreading content such as articles and news. They may (or may not) be linked to an institutional site. Usually, they are used as one of the marketing strategies of companies.


Very common in companies that work with information (eg a newspaper or a TV). They are pages that offer different types of content and services (for example, chat, weather forecast, for example).

Landing Page

It is a conversion page, it is usually used by the company to provide something (like an e-book) in exchange for customer information (such as e-mail).

Hot Site

It is a small site used for a specific campaign. For example, a birthday promotion or product launch.



How to create a good website

1 – Performance

Website performance is a very important issue when it comes to converting visitors to customers. Measures to reduce the web page’s loading time as a minifying code, for example, are crucial for keeping the customer on your site longer, and for the customer to get what you want.

It is also important that your page has a responsive design. This allows your customers to access your site from any device, regardless of screen size (mobile, tablet, computer).

Even if you do not develop your site, it is important that you get an idea of ​​what you can expect from the professional developer who will create your site.

2 – Appearance and content

Study and learn everything you want to show on your site. Define in advance what you need to show on the site so that the layout is pleasant.

Understanding a little about color psychology is interesting to choose from, which will define the page’s identity. Learning about Complementary colors will take you a long way to get the right color balance on your website.

The colors we use for the children’s buffet are not possible for a law firm that must be serious, for example. Therefore  , the page must match what your business reprecent.

In addition to determining how your website should be organized and sharing parts of your website, as a menu, who we are and our services, you do a thorough keyword research and content planning.

This is crucial for having a complete website that is ready to be found by the search engines.

At some point in your life you may have heard the comment “Search Google”. This is the traditional way to get answers to their questions on the internet.

In order for your site to appear in the search results  , you must invest in relevant, quality content that respects SEO techniques.

It is of the utmost importance to include all forms of contact with your company. This is often the first information the person searches for when entering a page.

Images and videos also play an important role in building your site. You can either produce your graphic assets or download them from image banks. In any case, it is important that they are beautiful, clear, show exactly what your service is and that you own the copyright on them.

3 – Press release

In addition to having a website structured in the SEO rules, it is very important to  spread it on social media with relevant content  . The interaction, both on the website and on social networks, is important for the target group to be able to know the company.

But beware! It is not advisable to base your work solely on social networks. However, they can serve as additional tools. It would be unwise to do all your strategy and leave all of your content solely on a platform that is not yours and which can cease to exist at any time.

Working with relevant content means that you can create your own audience and interact with your audience in what way you feel is best.

In addition to working on content, it is important to invest in internet advertising. The most popular tool for this service is Google Ads . With sponsored links you can get a qualified audience (the one who has an interest in your company) to the company’s website.

In practice, Google ads allow your business to reside on the Google pages (provided you choose the right keyword) or your business results from people interested in your product/service.



With all of the above, it is easy to understand that a successful website requires a combination of factors starting with choosing the name of your site, ending with content creation techniques and sponsored links.

Therefore, in addition to providing useful information to people, it is to provide a good experience for the user. After all, you want him as a client, don’t you?

Similarly, it is true that digital presence is a strategy that allows many profits for any business, regardless of industry. Therefore, focus, determination and knowledge combined, it is possible to do an excellent job for your company.

Any questions on how to create a good website? You can count on us to help you out! We are here to provide you internet and e-commerce solutions that streamline processes and drive results for your company!

LiteSpeed Technology

LiteSpeed Technology

A solution for those in need of an affordable website?

To run a business today, one of the most common issues that you run into is finding affordable servers. To run a website, you need to have a place to store the data for said website. This means getting a server that you can run it all from.
For a lot of people, this means simply going with whatever hosting package your web host can provide you with. However, there are some excellent alternatives on the market today if you wish to spend a little less and get a little more back in return.

When you need to cut down on internet costs whilst improving internet speeds, you need to know where to start. With so many options to look at, though, it can be easy – too easy – to get frustrated and confused. If you want a simple answer to finding a solution for your website needs, then, LiteSpeed could be just for you.

Introducing LiteSpeed

The term LiteSpeed, of course, is one that many of us will know. We associate it with the act of light travelling, though, not internet connectivity. The aptly named LiteSpeed, though, might just be the solution that you need to grasp internet connection speeds.

Ever since 2002, LiteSpeed has been growing to become a major part of the web industry. Today, they are one of the largest used web servers on the planet. If you want to know more about what this system is, and what it can do for you, be sure to read on and learn about LiteSpeed.

As a business owner, you need to be fully prepared to read and learn about the best value systems you can use. Every business wants to cut costs and maximize performance. Striking that balance can be a tough thing to do, though, and for that reason a lot of us can struggle to get to grips with finding said balance.

With that in mind, then, let’s look at what LiteSpeed actually is, and why it should matter to you in the long run. So, what does LiteSpeed bring to the table for those interested in improving performance?

What is LiteSpeed?

To put it simply, LiteSpeed is a web server software selection. Written in C/C++, it has become the primary choice for a varied number of websites.
According to W3Techs, they are used by a whopping 3.5% of the internet websites out there. Given the incredible number of sites out there, it’s safe to say that LiteSpeed has plenty of reach.

That is an incredible scale of websites using the platform, and should provide you with confidence that this is a system you would use without having to worry about performance issues.

LiteSpeed has become a popular choice ever since it was first released in 2003. Otherwise known as LSWS, LiteSpeed Web Server, this platform has become a major part of using the web for many site owners. The fact it is configured on Apache formatting is very impressive, too, and it means that it can act as an Apache drop-in replacement.

At the time of writing, LiteSpeed is ranked as the fourth most popular web server on the market today. It’s also seemingly in charge of running just shy of 10% of all HTTP/2-enabled web pages out there. with HTTP/3 on the way (more on that later) and LiteSpeed seemingly ready to tackle that, too, we can be sure that this is a platform that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

By making sure its compatible with many major Apache features, this has become the common alternative to Apache for a lot of users. It also comes with a variety of Apache functions that have been fully replaced. So, while it does have some similarities to other popular systems, LiteSpeed is well and truly its own thing.

This New Jersey based firm is ‘dedicated to enabling a faster internet and lowering infrastructure costs’, according to their official website. For those who worry about buying into a big-name conglomerate, you’ll be happy to know that LiteSpeed is still a privately held, independent business. Their main selling point is the fact they are headed up by George Wang, one of the best developers in the industry.

That expertise alongside a long-term development team makes sure that this system still stands out above the rest. It’s become a major tool for improving website performance and handling the modern traffic needs and demands of the modern website. What, though, is the main reason why you should look to LiteSpeed? What makes it so spectacular?

The benefits of using LiteSpeed

If you choose to use the LiteSpeed service, then, you will get access to numerous different features and benefits. Among their most impressive benefits, though, is their Apache drop-in replacement system. While you might not handle this part of the management side of things yourself, someone will. By upgrading your web server to use LSWS, you make sure that you can easily get everything up-and-running with ease.

In fact, they claim that you could get this replacement for Apache up and running in less than fifteen minutes. This means that you can get total control over hosting panel controls, meaning that you are far more likely to stay in control of the server itself.

Another nice benefit of using LiteSpeed is that it is built using an event-driven architecture. That means that you are going to be able to handle thousands of requests simultaneously, without a drop-off in performance. On other platforms, this would have seen a steep drop-off in CPU performance, and a huge increase in memory consumption. With their approach to architecture, though, such problems can soon become a thing of the past.

This results in a performance increase up to 5x faster than Apache. Why? Because it’s so optimised within the coding that it can handle static content so much faster. This means that any static content is going to appear much faster than it would even on a highly optimised Apache server. That is a huge benefit.

It even uses a new and improved unique server API called LSAPI. This tool has become very impressive and is a major part of the LiteSpeed service. It can provide you with an easier way of using tools like PHP and Ruby, offering far better performance standards than you might be used to.

All these features are excellent and help to back-up the anti-DDoS controls that add much-needed peace of mind. When you are using any kind of hosting platform, it obviously pays to have extra security features in place. The help of LiteSpeed makes it easy for you to ensure that this is in place.

Does LiteSpeed come with WordPress installed?

Many people who choose to use LiteSpeed do so as they wish to better protect their website that is made on WordPress. And that makes a lot of sense, given that LiteSpeed has a support app to go with your WordPress installation for free. otherwise known as LiteSpeed Cache, this tool has become a major part of the LiteSpeed service. This all-in-one plug-in works to help massively boost performance and make sure your website and server can run faster than ever.

It gets regular updates and is often provided with new features. With over 600,000 active installations, too, and over 15 available languages, LiteSpeed Cache is something for everyone. It’s a very easy to use tool and can work in conjunction with all other LiteSpeed-powered hosting options, including OpenLiteSpeed.

A great choice for those who wish to improve their WordPress website and make sure it runs to the standard you expect. It’s also fully compatible with major WP plugins such as Yoast All In One SEO, bbPress and WooCommerce.

This helps to optimise and improve the performance of your WordPress website, which is obviously very beneficial. It’s an easy to use, all-in-one website acceleration tool. Therefore, if you think that LiteSpeed would not be useful to your WP website, think again. It provides you with numerous features, including imagine optimisation, browser caching, database clean-up, asynchronously loading of CSS/JS, DNS pre-fetching and Cloudflare API access just to name a few essential features.

You can learn more about their free supplementary WordPress plug-in here.   

LiteSpeed: the best in the business?

When it comes to performance, you would do well to find a more suitable model to use than LiteSpeed. It has been noted in the past that a dedicated server could, in many cases, be the ideal choice for a business.
However, the performance improvements and management controls offered by LiteSpeed means you might not need that expensive, dedicated package.

Indeed, many are using smaller servers – like an SSD cloud hosting service – and powering it with a LiteSpeed subscription. If you do that, then you make sure that our hosting platform is going to become even more powerful.

You will get higher performance standards without having to spend so much in the first place. Since this often works as a high-end Apache replacement, you can quickly start to see a huge amount of changes to your performance standards. All without having to spend too much more money than you do presently.

Not only that, but this is probably one of the best solutions in the business for reducing hardware costs. Instead of having to spend money on a lot of new hardware to boost performance and deal with your site load, LiteSpeed can do much of this for you.

It will help you to reduce the administrative cost of support, too, thanks to the added 24/7 support that you get for using the LiteSpeed system.
With full official cPanel support, too, it’s easy to see why so many see LiteSpeed as the best in the business when it comes to improving performance.

Why would a hosting customer buy LiteSpeed?

For anyone looking to buy a hosting package, then the question resting on your lips is likely to be ‘Why LiteSpeed?

Put simply, this is a platform that allows for specific functions that would often be complex and advanced to become nice and simple. It takes out the inefficiency in management and adds a whole new layer of usability to the back-end of your website.
If you wish to have more control over how you host your website, and how it is used, accessed, and managed, this is the place for you to start. It’s great for improving everything from load speeds – making sure you can meet demand – to optimising website safety, efficiency, and operational structure.

In short, those who need a hosting platform will find LiteSpeed improves every required feature in just about every way you could imagine. It’s smarter, safer, and simpler.

At BUSINESS, we are proud to use LiteSpeed technology as part of our hosting service. We believe that it makes an enormous difference to web safety, performance, and control. If you are looking to use a LiteSpeed-compatible hosting platform, then, you will find that our services perfectly tick that exact box. We understand the huge value in LiteSpeed and know just how much it can improve the service you receive, and the service we offer.

For more information, then, feel free to contact our team today. We can help you to take a look at our hosting service options, and help you pick the best hosting package, safe in the knowledge that it is backed-up and powered by LiteSpeed.


For years, there has been a lot of talk about HTTP/3, the updated improvement over HTTP/2. With many sites set to be built on HTTP/3 technology, many people will be looking for a hosting solution that can handle the load. Well, it looks like HTTP/3 is going to be well under control if LiteSpeed has anything to say about it. HTTP/3 is an amalgamation of HTTP/2 and QUIC. HTTP/3, then, is going to be simply HTTP-over-QUIC.

While it’s still being closely defined and understood, it is safe to say that that HTTP/3 is coming in the near future. The aim is that LiteSpeed will be a major part of the development process, with their goal being the first nation to try out a production-ready implementation of a HTTP/3 server.

Likely to come in the near future, and users should have little concern about their suitability to taking on this particular task. Why? Because they’ve already done it with HTTP/2 and QUIC: LiteSpeed is a company known for adapting to circumstance.

So, when HTTP/3 is rolled out in full, LiteSpeed should be able to handle it. You can learn more about the LiteSpeed approach to HTTP/3 here if you wish.

Should you invest in LiteSpeed?

As you can see above, then, LiteSpeed manages to pack in a considerable punch with regards to the available features. For example, the LiteSpeed Web Server is probably among their most innovative and accessible additions. This cutting-edge web server has become a choice for those who wish to scale up (or down) and who wish to maximise performance. LiteSpeed has become a go-to choice when you need a web server that is easily adjusted, simply scaled, and full of features.

Their load balancing systems, too, are very impressive. With their claim that you can make your web farm up to 10x faster, you can see why a lot of people try out LiteSpeed. Load balancing is a tricky thing to get right, but this tool allows for faster performance, simpler distribution of traffic, and easier control over how your traffic is managed. For a website owner, that can be essential to your long-term growth and development.

There’s a reason they have so many partners on the web. If you want to find a way to improve your website performance, many options exist. Out of them all, though, LiteSpeed might just be among the most impressive available.

WordPress Site

WordPress Site

What are the benefits of building your website on WordPress?

When you want to run a website, you have many ways to do so. You could use one of the many website builders out there, or you could build it from scratch on your own. The former, limits what your website can do; the latter means learning how to code. You could, though, use the third way, which is WordPress.

Easy to install and offered by many hosting companies like, WordPress is a godsend for non-experts. Why, should you consider using WordPress for your website?

Constantly improving

No other platform goes through the same level of constant, consistent improvement as WordPress does. It’s become commonplace, and one of the best places for you to start with as a website management tool.

It’s always improving, meaning new features arrive that boost its quality & ease of use. Add in the fact that it is becoming more secure all the time, too, and it’s very easy to see why WordPress is the go-to content management system (CMS) of choice for so many.

Limitless potential

With a website builder and many other CMS systems out there, you have limits as to what you can change. With WordPress, the limit is merely your own imagination. Without any real need to learn coding – with ample opportunities to find quality WordPress themes and pre-built websites – it’s user-friendly in the extreme.

So long as you have the space on your hosting to accommodate your changes, WordPress offers limitless potential.

Great for web newbies

Many people struggle with the wider concept of running a website, not least how to build one. However, WordPress makes it easy to do advanced things even with the knowledge of a beginner. This allows you to easily enjoy working on the website without the pressure and fear of making a fatal error.

With that in mind, WordPress is an essential tool for newbies. You can do more or less everything that you need through your WordPress hosting provider.

Search engines like WordPress

With millions of WordPress websites out there, the search engines naturally give them credence over other styles. For example, did you know that your WordPress website is likely to rank higher than a non-WordPress website?

It comes down to the ease of usability and simplicity of searching for your users. Anyone using your website is likely to find a highly optimized, easy to navigate website waiting for them. This helps to see natural, lasting boosts to your website on the search engines, equaling more visitors.

Mobile responsiveness is easy

Again, other CMS platforms are not so able to adjust to the needs of the modern mobile device. WordPress is ahead of the curve, though, and ensures that you can boost rankings further due to mobile scalability.

From using plug-ins to a pre-built website template, you can easily make your website look good on both desktop and mobile.

As you can see, WordPress offers ample opportunity for experts, amateurs and hobbyists to build a website. All you need is some website hosting that offers installation of WordPress, such as Once you have that, it all comes down to your imagination. With an easy to use user interface and extensive opportunities to build your website, though, you can go as far as you wish.